Porsche’s venture into the all-electric scene is a success as the Taycan continues to sell rather well. With the development of an emission-free version of the Macan underway, the outlook is positive for the near future. Meanwhile, a designer is exploring the possibilities beyond what’s currently available with the Amenoi. Surprisingly, it is envisioned to run on wind energy.

The technology to achieve harness such a source may not be available anytime soon. However, this bold proposal certainly makes you wonder what would eventually be possible in the years to come. Instead of a contemporary silhouette, Dong Joo KIM draws inspiration from the German marque’s Le Man’s racer platform.

Its silhouette is an aerodynamic masterpiece. the aggressive curves and wide stance aids in its stability. Moreover, the Amenoi appears to closely hug the ground, which would be a nightmare on unpaved surfaces. Passenger comfort, on the other hand, is truly cutting-edge. The Amenoi’s canopy opens to reveal two adjustable lounge seats.

These seats automatically adapt to the contour of your body for the ultimate experience in ergonomics. Special infrared light patterns within the capsule-like cabin likewise promote healing and generate warmth. KIM then notes that level 5 autonomous driving lets you relax while the Amenoi travels to the pre-selected destination.

As for the powertrain, it uses special boosters to draw air in and direct it toward the vehicle’s windmill generators. These in turn output approximately 1,000 horsepower, which should be enough to push the Amenoi up to 217 mph. Finally, aircraft-grade diffusers at the back should keep it firmly planted even at high speeds.

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Images courtesy of Dong Joo KIM/Behance