The Narwal Freo is a two-in-one cleaning robot that not only vacuums but also mops with little to no effort. It’s a game changer for those who want a tidy and clean home but doesn’t have time on their hands to clean.

This hybrid machine is equipped with DirtSense technology that senses how dirty a room is and then determines if it needs another more cleaning or not until it has thoroughly cleaned and mopped the floor. Its route planning algorithm allows to “vacuum more times” or “mop more times” on the overlapping area in every cleaning mode.

When under the Arcuate-Route, the side brush of the cleaning area will retract to prevent the polluted one from touching the ground which could lead to wet and dry cross-contamination. The Narwal Freo also features Corner-Traps technology that activates “Smart Swing” to effectively vacuum dirt or dust from corners and baseboard.

This smart machine also steam mops, emitting 40℃ gentle heat to prevent bacteria growth. It intelligently adapts to the floor type and adjusts the downward push and humidity of the mops to prevent damage to floors while providing a unique clean every time. Then it determines how dirty the mops are and rinses and sanitizes them back at the feed station via a high-speed spinning and using the scientific ratio of “Narwal’s exclusive formulated floor cleaner” with the water and giving off a lemon and basic scent after every wash. 

The Narwal Freo operates silently (mop Washing <65dB, hot air drying <43dB, vacuuming <55dB, and mopping <51dB (48-51dB) so you can get it to work while you’re asleep. It also packs other useful features including a touchscreen LCD display, child lock, do not disturb mode, and customization via its dedicated smartphone app.

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Images courtesy of Narwal