Electric motorbikes are now noticeably more mainstream as startups compete against established marques. Although EVs still outnumber emission-free two-wheelers, it won’t be long before the latter catches up. These green platforms come in all shapes and sizes, but the Joyce’90 by TOZZ Bike manages to upstage many modern offerings with its retro aesthetics.

Unless you get a good look at it, this model can easily be mistaken as just your average motocross machine. However, it soon becomes apparent what the Joyce’90 is all about. Aside from the missing engine assembly, there should be practically no noise during startup. Twist the throttle and a gentle hum is likely the only sound you hear.

TOZZ Bike notes on its website that reservations are now open for this cool ride. We believe those who grew up around enduro and dirt bikes will feel right at home here. The form factor and vibrant visuals it flaunts will take nostalgic riders back in time but also remind them that the future is all about eco-friendly mobility.

Although the Turkish group behind the Joyce’90 has kept most of its specifications under wraps, insiders shared a few interesting tidbits about its unique selling points. Unlike other electric motorbikes we’ve seen, the manufacturer opted to go with a pop-up headlight. It’s something we typically see on cars and some bespoke creations here and there. 

Nevertheless, it’s an awesome feature to set it apart. Next is the integrated Bluetooth 2.1 stereo speakers rated at 150W which turns this into a boombox on wheels. We can already imagine owners riding around and blasting out their tunes to the chagrin of everyone else. Images tell us the Joyce’90 will ship in a range of colorways.

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Images courtesy of TOZZ Bike