As we get ready for all types of outdoor recreation this season, the last thing anybody would expect is to hear about Volkswagen’s foray into sustainable camping. With the company’s emission scandal still lingering in the air, the all-new T7 California is promoting itself as a greener alternative. Given its vans are favored platforms for recreational conversions, let’s see what this has to offer.

This model is outfitted with a plug-in hybrid setup which is further enhanced by VW’s 4Motion all-wheel drive system. Although its capabilities are not geared for overlanding, it’s enough to give owners the confidence to drive safely with reliable traction. It comes in handy when the surfaces are slightly slippery due to seasonal conditions.

At 241 horsepower, it can haul people and their gear without worry as well. The T7 California boasts a 204″ wheelbase — enough to furnish its living spaces with everything adventurers would want to have. Armed with sliding doors on each side, cabin access never becomes a problem.

With both portals open, optimal ventilation keeps the interiors cozy. For added versatility, buyers can install awnings or sunshades on both flanks of the T7 California. Meal preparation and cooking are unfortunately limited inside given Volkswagen reworked the layout for the production unit.

However, the fridge/freezer combo has been pushed to the front for better access. Another notable adjustment is the switch from a single two-person rear bench to two removable seats. A foldaway mattress can be deployed at the end of the day to accommodate additional guests. 

A pop-up sleeper roof is the place to be for the closest camping experience. Intuitive touchscreen controls make it easy to tweak settings and view real-time information about the T7 California. Wireless connectivity also turns your smartphone or tablet into an auxiliary remote. Reservations are expected to open later this month.

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Images courtesy of Volkswagen