Depending on how large and varied the car collection is, organizers of the world’s most prominent automotive shows are likely to keep in touch. While some owners prefer to keep their rare rides away from the public, others find it an honor to showcase the best in their fleet. Logistics is always a nightmare but the Ceres 001 might just help.

Everyone involved in the transport and return of these extremely valuable machines must consider a staggering number of factors to execute everything seamlessly. Accidental damages and even theft are a real threat once the vehicle has been consigned to a service provider.

Thus, Cartainer carefully accounted for these risks when it developed the product in question. The Ceres 001 is meant to replace traditional shipping containers and double as a modern display platform for discerning collectors. Those who can afford exclusive models in the first place will find these extremely handy.

From an engineering perspective, the manufacturer built a durable frame with transparent walls and sliding doors. It features a motorized ramp, customizable interior lighting, security cameras, and a built-in battery. A full charge is reportedly enough for up to 72 hours of off-grid operation.

An advanced security system ensures nobody can access the vehicle unless granted by the owner via a Smart Control app. Sensors monitor the humidity, VOCs, temperature, and location of your cargo at all times. Clients can also personalize their Ceres 001 with different colors, flooring, and more.

“The Cartainer Ceres 001 goes way beyond simple storage. With customizable integrated tie downs, the Ceres 001 can be used to securely transport vehicles in a more dynamic way than ever before,” describes the product page. For international destinations, it needs to be positioned at the top of the stack.

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Images courtesy of Cartainer