The GRID Series Campers by Wilderness Vans ensures you have safe and comfortable living accommodations even when on the road. These are not your average campers with their luxurious interiors and amenities that make off-grid living feel like home. 

If you want freshly-cooked meals then they come with a fully-equipped kitchen. There’s a sink with an electric water pump, a convection cooktop, a fridge and freezer, and a 3-gallon hot water heater. It also has 68L of freshwater storage and an enclosed and heated grey water tank compartment. 

The GRID Series Campers from Wilderness Vans lets you sleep soundly with various bed options. It offers over-the-cab sleeping with bed springs and custom mattresses and folding seat beds in various sizes. Meanwhile, the bathroom has a 12V 14L hot water heater and stainless steel shower. You can also do the dirty deed via a cassette/composting toilet and there’s an exterior toilet waste disposal. 

Aside from the broad arrow flat windows for ventilation, these campers are ready to tackle any weather. It offers a 12V AC unit, a thermostat-controlled diesel heater, a Maxxfan Deluxe 7500K ventilation fan, and a skylight for fresh air. The built-in pleated blind and bug screen also keeps mosquitoes at bay.

The GRID Series Campers runs on a 540Ah lithium battery bank with provision for 400W solar charging via a 3000W Victron inverter. Just like any home, it comes with a circuit breaker panel, LED lighting, USB and electrical outlets, and a 12V electrical system – Stage 4. A dedicated mobile app system lets you monitor the electrical systems.  These campers are compatible with the Ford F-450/550 chassis cab trucks. They boast heavy-duty truck chassis, off-road suspension, and a strong aluminum body. 

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Images courtesy of Wilderness Vans