The automotive industry previously predicted that the shift to green powertrains would be a gradual process. Surprisingly, it proved to be the opposite as the biggest names in the business quickly followed Tesla’s footsteps to fill the unexpected demand. However, it’s the fresh faces in the market who deliver rides that stand out like the NIGHTWOLF.

When the design direction of EVs begins to lean too much on the futuristic side, not everyone finds it appealing. Perhaps it’s also a factor as to why some folks are hesitant to trade their gas-guzzlers for eco-friendly alternatives. Alpha Motor Corporation, on the other hand, incorporates subtle aesthetic tweaks as their models retain a distinct classic vibe.

You can think of the NIGHTWOLF as a breath of fresh air when almost every new silhouette is presented with aggressive aerodynamic body kits and LEDS everywhere. Meanwhile, this battery-electric truck exudes understated beauty with a raw and menacing stance. Plus, the murdered-out color scheme and matte finish are perfect for this machine.

In terms of performance, the company says it can switch between rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive modes. Horsepower was not indicated, but it can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. Also, the towing capacity is listed at 30,000 lbs. Its rugged looks already hint at its overlanding credentials.

Given that stability is crucial when you’re up against challenging terrain, the manufacturer positions the batteries in the middle of the frame. A full charge should last anywhere between 250 miles to a little over 275 miles. With the Solar-Powered Truck Cap, the NIGHTWOLF can harvest clean energy by day.

Moreover, it is outfitted with a robust collection of accessories ideal for any outdoor expeditions. The top of the cab features a roof rack, while a rail mounting system extends the length of the camper shell. Two ROAM Adventure Co. 83L storage cases can be quickly removed or attached via a special locking system.

Enhanced visibility in the dark comes from KC Gravity LED headlamps and auxiliary lights. Push bars on both ends of the NIGHTWOLF provide added protection. Alpha Motor Corporation gave this beast large, flared wheel wells to accommodate the 17” Black Rhino Atlas beadlock rims shod in chunky BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT tires.

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Images courtesy of Alpha Motor Corporation