In overlanding, enthusiasts can either plan for a quick trip and be back home at the end of the day. Meanwhile, others prefer to get the most of out their adventure by camping before it gets dark. If you regularly do the latter, have you ever considered a rooftop tent perhaps? If so, do check out the Altitude by ARB.

Unless you prefer to sleep inside your vehicle or maybe own a rugged motorhome, then a regular sleeping bag won’t do. There’s no logical reason to expose ourselves to the elements or take a risk with the local wildlife as well. As such, an elevated location is the ideal place to hit the sack when outdoors.

ARB presents a sleek hardshell rooftop tent outfitted with advanced features to make setup a breeze and more. The Altitudes allows users to focus on fun, while the motorized system takes care of the rest. When closed, it measures 372 mm x 2,253 mm x 1,612 mm (HxLxW) and 1,339 mm x 2,253 mm x 1,612 mm (HxLxW) deployed.

“Both breathable and durable, the 380gsm heavy-duty canvas is one of the strongest on market and protects occupants and ensures a no-compromise good night’s sleep. Providing a 360-degree panoramic view of your surroundings, easily achieved by simply unzipping each corner and door,” describes the manufacturer.

Inside the tent, occupants can relax on top of a full-size double bed with a 70 mm thick dual-density foam mattress. You can also store pillows and blankets inside courtesy of the molded roof liner. A premium ladder facilitates access to the tent from the ground and the other way around.

Electronics are hooked up via Anderson connectors to power the lights, fans, and actuators of its ARB Smartfold hinge technology. The Altitude is constructed out of fiberglass and a lightweight aluminum frame. Its aerodynamic form factor reduces wind noises and drag. If the standard package is not enough, optional accessories are available to kit out your rooftop tent.

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Images courtesy of ARB