The acclaimed and award-winning Master’s Keep gets a new member. This time it’s the Cornerstone Rye Whiskey, the first one that’s not bourbon. Cornerstone serves as the first appearance of a rye whiskey in this highly sought-after line. It also happens to be the oldest rye the distillery has ever released.

The new addition is a whiskey of extraordinary maturity, worthy of Wild Turkey Hill’s exemplary stature in the spirits community. For decades, rye has served a key pillar of whiskey production at the distillery. While Prohibition put the fate or rye in peril, Wild Turkey was among the few ones to remain dedicated to the craft. A craft which continues to this day, with the Cornerstone Rye.

For this, a limited release, Wild Turkey explored the flavors and complexity longer aging can provide. They handpicked from among the oldest #4 alligator char barrels in the distillery, each with rye aged between nine and 11 years. From there, they crafted a perfectly balanced, high-aged rye whiskey that fronts signature bold and spicy flavors.

Each is bottled at 109 proof and maintains the iconic Wild Turkey flavor profile while adding hints of vanilla, black pepper, honey, and baked apple. The finish comes bold, crisp, and clean, with lingering notes of sweet spice and oak.

Cornerstone Rye will be an ultra-limited release. Wild Turkey will ship just 16,000 bottles. Customers can buy one from select retailers for a limited time for $175 a pop. Make sure to check out the link below to learn more.