The prefabricated Sprite Cabin, located in the Fragrant Lake of Huanggang City, China, is designed by Wiki World and Advanced Architecture Lab, (AaL) to be sustainable and easy to assemble. It’s a cozy and modern hut defined by three crystal-like peaked volumes. 

“The design of the Sprite Cabin is inspired by the idea of crystals. In nature, normally we can’t find artificial-like shaped geometries. But crystals are very special,” Wiki World founder Mu Wei says of the cabin, which sits next to the Inner Lake Peninsula amid a thriving bamboo forest.

To ensure sustainability, Sprite Cabin was built without any damages to its natural topography. Several of its components were custom-designed using digital technology off site and then delivered to the site for construction. Mu Wei likens its assembly to a LEGO kit featuring numbered parts to make it easy to follow even for those without building experience or expertise.

The laminated timber structure is comprised of a hexagonal floor plan and a light wood foundation. It’s constructed off the ground to reduce footprint and ecological impact. Mu We likens it to “like making a full-scale LEGO game” with each part numbered so workers can easily connect the metal parts. 

Once assembled, Sprite Cabin impresses with its rustic aesthetic, featuring exterior wooden shingles that look like fish scales. Complementing the facade are the irregular window openings that bring daylight to the interior, as well as a single aluminum-plated facade that reflects the surrounding vegetation. Inside is a master bedroom, a bathroom, a living area, an elevated bedroom set in the highest structure of the crystal-shaped buildings, a combustion wood stove, and an outdoor deck. Meanwhile, triangular openings look out to beautiful river views. 

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Images courtesy of Arch-Exist