The Wheel Driver is a multipurpose Ratched tool with a unique, stealthy design. It may be small but it can do big jobs.

This gear makes old, heavy tools a thing of the past. Forget towing your toolbox when you need to fix a spare tire or tighten a loose screw. This multitool has all the drivers and bits you need for small and big repairs.

The Wheel Driver makes use of a new ratchet system to achieve a tightening torque unrivaled by other everyday carry tools in the market. Its 72-teeth mechanism allows for a smooth and easy spin on nuts and bolts and torque when needed. Its palm-size factor provides an easy and firm grip while a five-degree ratcheting arc allows for more movement in less space.

Moreover, its one-handed reverse switch lets you perform tasks smoothly. This portable and handy device also offers a one-handed reverse switch so you can perform tasks continuously. It comes pack with a central magnetic driver, 16 bits that include a Phillips, slot, hex heads, and Torx. It even has a socket adapter so you can pair it with your electric drivers.

The Wheel Driver is small but powerful. It can deliver more than 22Nm (16ft. lb) of force. That’s coming from a portable and compact device that easily fits in your jean pockets or hang loosely from your belt. Its size also makes fixing tighter areas feasible and with a quick-release latch, you can get to the task at hand in seconds. Best of all, it looks trendy with its tire shape and design.

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Images courtesy of MICATON