WESN collaborated with REAL FUN, WOW! for a fully-functional and visually appealing folder called “The Real Fun Henry” pocketknife. The design meets WESN’s goal to “create knives that walk the line between usefulness as a tool, and beauty as a piece of art.”

California-based artist Daren Thomas Magee staples this goal as a reality with his eye-catching artwork on the hilt. WESN gave him free rein to incorporate his earthy and minimalist art style on the G10 handle. The outcome is a visually appealing slip-joint knife with standout colors of brown, white, and black. The scales not only look but also feel great in the hands. 

Outside of the handle, WESN x REAL FUN, WOW!’s Real Fun Henry Pocketknife also boasts a durable and sharp blade made from Sandvik 14c28n steel. This steel is known for its great corrosion resistance and edge retention. The blade feels solid and strong and is also easy to sharpen. Meanwhile, titanium accents complement the overall rugged design. 

This is a limited, single-run collab and the first knife from WESN handmade in the USA. Aside from the folder, Daren also designed an original bandana and enamel pin in the same design element to go along with the knife. What you have is a bespoke kit that is not only useful in the field. But it would also make a good art exhibit in the museum. 

An order of the WESN x REAL FUN, WOW!’s Real Fun Henry Pocketknife comes with a custom sticker and packed inside its dedicated box for a true collector’s item. 

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Images courtesy of WESN