The Weltool M6-Mini LED flashlight makes a great everyday carry torch for many reasons. For starters, it’s very compact at just 3.46″ long and 0.55″ wide. It has a steel clip to easily attach to shirt pockets, hat visors, and more. Then it’s built for the outdoors with a shell made from anodized aerospace 6061 aluminum alloy that is IP65-rated water resistant. It can survive the rain, mud, or snow. 

Despite its compact size, this penlight emits a warm white X-LED 3000K light. It uses the same warm white LED of 3000K color temperature, nearly matching an incandescent bulb with a color rendering index of 85%. This LED reduces the blue light damage to human eyes, thus protecting the user’s vision.

The Weltool M6-Mini LED flashlight has a professionally-designed output curve with a light emission angle of 70 degrees and a high transmission (over 90%) optical glass lens. This results in a perfectly even-lit circle of light with a perfectly circular field of light without dark spots, no glare, and no distracting uneven lighting anywhere.

Likewise, its beam is evenly distributed with a 35cm diameter at a 20 cm distance. It has an output of 20 lumens, 8 Candela at 0.5 meters. The Weltool M6-Mini LED flashlight runs on one AAA (LR03) alkaline or AAA NiMH battery with a runtime of six hours. It has reverse polarity protection against an incorrectly oriented battery. This is the perfect flashlight to use for reading or for medical uses like eye exams because the light is warm and soft so it doesn’t blind the patient.

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Images courtesy of Weltool