For those of you who love to host backyard barbecues back home, WEBER presents its latest range of premium gas grills. The new collection ships with 15 years of food preparation innovation in a sleek package. The 2022 GENESIS series is available in four configurations, but only two feature smart connectivity. It’s time we find out more about the SPX-435.

Weber offers this in a single finish – stainless steel – with some sections such as the cabinet and lid in black. The SPX-435 measures 63” x 68.5” x 31” with the lid open and 48.56” x 68.5” x 27” when closed. They call it a smart gas grill for a reason because it comes with WEBER CONNECT technology.

This advanced food temperature monitoring system is available as an optional add-on, but it ships along with the upcoming model. It is integrated into the right side shelf and includes one meat probe. The SPX-435 can support up to two if you have an extra lying around. This allows you to receive notifications wirelessly when the desired internal temperature has been reached.

There are a total of 5 burners. Two 13,000 BTU for searing, another two at 48,000 BTU for grilling, and a single side burner at 12,000 BTU. The primary cooking area measures 646 square inches with a warming rack at 348 square inches. This gives GENESIS SPX-435 owners a generous 994 square inches of grilling space.

Grilling at night is never a problem the lighting systems keep the grill grates and control knobs visible. Serve awesome steaks, burgers, sausages, and more every time. The WEBER GENESIS SPX-435 uses liquid propane to cook your meals to perfection. Moving it around won’t be an issue either thanks to the swiveling and locking casters.

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SPX-435 WEBER CONNECT SPX-435 Lighting SPX-435 Front View

Images courtesy of WEBER