What would you say triggers feelings of nostalgia? For most people, it can be anything we consciously or even subconsciously link to an experience in the past. Companies know this and use it to market products that evoke said feelings among consumers. If you long for the good old days, We Are Rewind just dropped a modern take on an iconic portable cassette player.

Way before music streaming services and digital players took over, people had a modest selection when it came to portable playback. Unless you wanted to blast your tunes for everyone else to appreciate or hate on a boombox, Sony’s Walkman was the ideal solution. One look at what We Are Rewind has on offer should be enough to make you crave the classics.

By 1983, market research confirmed sales of the Compact Cassette format overtook vinyl records. However, turntables have made a resurgence over the years and are now fully embraced by audiophiles and music enthusiasts the world over. We believe the aptly named Cassette Player arrived just in the nick of time for us to revisit our collection.

This blast from the past is not like anything that was commercially released back in the day. The manufacturer writes, “we paid special attention to the design and materials used. As for the very first Sony Walkman, the TPS-l2, we avoided plastic and preferred an aluminum case for a “cool touch” and a real quality feeling.”

Metal definitely feels and looks premium but the inclusion of tactile mechanical buttons for Stop/Play/Rewind/Fast-Forward/Record knocks this out of the park. Even the volume controls are as old-school as it gets. Of course, the Cassette Player is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as a line-in port.

No need to swap out batteries as the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion supplies enough juice for up to 12 hours of action. Another cool feature the Cassette Player touts is support for Bluetooth 5.1. Hook it up wirelessly to your portable speakers to share your music with everyone else. You can get this awesome audio device in SERGE(Orange), KURT(Blue), and KEITH9Gray).

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Images courtesy of We Are Rewind