Water is essential for us to survive and stay healthy. But sometimes we forget to hydrate until we feel thirsty probably because of our busy schedule or because we don’t make it a habit to drink a certain amount of water daily. But in these modern times, people find ways to remind themselves to take a gulp. The WATR bottle for one is more than just a storage option for your liquid drink. It is a versatile bottle that also serves as a tool to remind you to take that much-needed hydration.

Designed by Arthur Leroy, this water bottle looks more like a flask than any other of its kind because of its flat rather than curved shape. The only thing curved is the cap. It comes in a recycled aluminum body and matte black finish. Adding to the elegant aesthetic is the thin bar of light at the top that renders an overall futuristic design.

The WATR bottle is technically a smart bottle that alerts you when it’s time to take that much-needed hydration. It works with your phone’s health app where you can set reminders or notifications and get updated on how much water you’ve taken in a day. The light at the top serves as a battery indication. When it turns green your WATR bottle is 80% or above. If it turns red then it means your bottle has under 20% charge left and it’s time to juice up the battery using a USB-C cable. 

Best of all, this bottle is easy to repair. Simply unscrew, replace, and you’re done. All of its electronics and the battery are packed in one easily swappable part. This is one water bottle you definitely wouldn’t mind carrying around. 

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Images courtesy of Behance