With the conception of the Waterlovt Houseboat ($Inquire), Dutch designer and entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn has created the ideal luxury apartment on water (The Floating Seahorse is another one). The craft, based on the barge motif, offers all the bells and whistles of a modern living space at the high-end of the spectrum.

The modular Waterlovt can be configured from as minimal at 90 square meters (969 sq ft) to 240 square meters (2,583 sq ft) in four variations. It is a two story structure with the bedrooms located predominately below the waterline so the upper level can present a more open living area.

The customization options for the Waterlovt include fully self-sufficient solar panels and/or “whisper” generator or a hybrid system for land connections. You can opt for a desalination unit to convert seawater. Waste treatment options are ecologically friendly. Various systems of heating/air conditioning can be installed to fit whatever climate you are docked in.

The only downside is that the Waterlovt is not motor powered so a towing service is required to move this floating home to new locations.