There is a possibility of getting al buzzed up by new hair products in the market being advertised by celebrities and models. Back in our minds, we all look forward to having beautiful skin as the advertisements imply. However, reality hits hard when you realize that setbacks are more than results.

We may never know when to call it quits with the hair products since there is an inner voice telling you to be more patient.

Signs on your outside shows that your internal body is suffering more thus the more need to seek medical attention or quit using the product as well. Stopping the products should happen immediately you notice these signs.

1.) Increased dandruff and flakes

Man with Dandruff
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Dandruff is familiar to people. In a group of people, you will get half of them experiencing dandruff or flakes. For some, they may attribute this to the hot sun. This is because standing in the sun for long can cause skin dryness thus loosening the skin.

Nevertheless, using the wrong products on your hair can bring these annoying flakes.

Dandruff occurs when the renewing process of cells shortens more than usual. This causes the skin to shed off faster. In the end, these skin cells stick together to form something visible that can be scraped off by a single scratch. The type of dandruff depends on an individual.

You can experience either the dry or greasy dandruff.

To treat this dandruff, you require the right shampoo to clean it. Dandruff is caused by using the wrong shampoos leading to bacteria infestation. However, you should note that excess bacteria can be a sign of serious diseases such as Pityriasis Amiantacea thus need immediate medical attention.

2.) Red, painful scalp

Painful Scalp
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We have all seen someone suffering from allergies and sun. Their faces look extraordinarily red and may experience some pains. This is a common sign to people who use the wrong hair products such as bleach, hair color, or any other hair products.

These products cause irritations to your scalp leading to the redness. The only way to handle such an issue is cutting out all the harsh hair products. Move to organic products to avoid harmful chemicals.

Additionally, use sunscreens or serums that protect your scalp from these products and more so the continuing effects of the chemicals in the body.

3.) Hair loss

Male Hair Loss
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Once your scalp gets to another level of deterioration, nothing much can be done to salvage your hair. Neglecting your oily scalp for many years leads to blockage of hair follicles. This means that no more hair can grow. Taking action at this stage may not give results since the process may take longer to reverse.

Once you notice the first signs, it is always recommendable that you take action.

The other cause of hair loss is the genes, hormones or any form of infection. Certain hair products cause a change in hormones. For a start, have the hair products examined by your dermatologist to check how awful or good the results could be.

Make sure you use the best hair loss shampoo to treat your hair.

4.) Oily scalp

Oil Field
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Having oils on your skin is not a bad sign. After all, we either have oily, dry or normal skins. Oils protect our skins from drying up so faster. Additionally, our skins appear moisturized when our sebum gives these oils. However, excess oils are harmful to your skin.

This is because excess oils provide bacteria and fungi with good habitat for growth. These bacteria result in dandruff we see. At first glance, we may not look at these oils.

It is advisable to go for a diagnosis to have an analysis carried out.

5.) Dry and itchy scalp

Man Scratching his Head
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We have all seen people, or have been victims of scratching our heads to ease the itchiness. This is because of insufficient sebum produced by glands.

Failure to protect the skin from the changes in temperatures and sensual perceptions leads to may cause dry and itchy skin.

There are many reasons for having itchy skin. One of them is using the wrong shampoos. The problem may appear familiar but caution ought to be taken to protect the scalp from other effects such as thinning of hairs or hair loss.


In our lifetime, we have all experienced a problem with our hair or hair scalps. Although this might have been caused by aging, emotional or physical changes, most of these effects can be attributed to wrong hair products. You should always check products before applying them on your hair.

Life is more precious than anything. Rushing blindly for these overrated products may bring more harm to you. Always stay alert.