Why go for the typical and ordinary when you can be unique, especially when it comes to those handy firestarters. If you crave something vintage yet fantastically appealing to the eye, then the Warm Knives Steampunk Lighter is right up your alley.

This lighter isn’t your usual wick and wheel firestarter, aesthetics-wise. It boasts a Victorian-esque appeal with its polished brass and copper material constructed into a unique shape that symbolizes binoculars. But one side flicks open to act as snuff while in the other you can locate the wick and wheel.

Handcrafted out of Belgorod, Russia, this addition to your outdoor gear is sized just right to sit comfortably in your hand so you can light with ease on one finger and snap it shut with the other. Below the handle of the Warm Knives Steampunk Lighter are a couple of twist-to-open locks. One provides access to the barrel where you store the petrol as fuel for the fire.

Use this to light any smoker, cigar, incense burner, or candle, you can take it anywhere with you thanks to its portable design. It measures 85mm in height and 60×20 mm in width. It has just the right kind of heft to sit securely in your hand during use. But you can easily just have it as a keepsake or something to brag about to your friends.

The Warm Knives Steampunk Lighter makes a great gift to any man, especially one who is a fan of the first-person shooter game “Metro Exodus 2033.”

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Images courtesy of Warm Knives