Now you can show off your skateboard, while also keeping your walls clean and scratch-free, with the Wall Ride Rack (TBA) by the young design duo Zanocchi & Starke. This is a multipurpose, wall-mountable piece of hardware that features a slide-in slot to accommodate your beloved board, so that everyone can admire its graphics.

The Wall Ride is made of laser-cut metal and powder-coated in black, orange or white, and it features three hooks to hang your pack or some outerwear, a dedicated spot for your board, plus two shelves for stacking keys, headphones, hats, tablets, books, bottles of wine, you name it! And if that wasn’t enough, the same slot used to slide the skate doubles as a bottle opener, so you can relax and enjoy a cold one after you’ve been riding all day.

Wall Ride Skateboard Rack 1

Wall Ride Skateboard Rack 7

Wall Ride Skateboard Rack 5

Wall Ride Skateboard Rack 4

Wall Ride Skateboard Rack 3