If you’re a gym buff or an exercise junky, then the WalkingPad is for you. This foldable and compact exercise device lets you hit the gym without leaving the comforts of your home.

This device sets up fast and needs no installation. All it needs is an empty floor space for you to unfold the machine on so you can start burning those extra calories.

The WalkingPad has two exercise modes–manual and automatic. Use the remote control during manual mode to accelerate or decelerate speed or to stop and start the machine. As for the automatic mode, you control the speed through its Adaptive Speed Control System. The device adapts to your walking speed: walk toward the top of the belt to speed up and walk toward the bottom to slow down.

This machine boasts a sleek and minimalist design and has an LED display. It works with a companion app that tracks your progress over time and records calories burned. The app also lets you access the modes and turn off the machine. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the downloaded app in your smartphone.

The structure of the WalkingPad is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it strong and lightweight. Its innovative double folding frame body lets you set it up anywhere and it stores neatly after use. It comes with wheels underneath for easy transport and is thin enough to store in any corner or under your furniture. It also comes with safety measures including child lock, overload protection, and automatic hibernation.

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Photos Courtesy of WalkingPad