The future of the automotive industry is clearly heading for something greener. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuels is reaching alarming levels. Therefore, carmakers are making a collective effort to reduce or even eliminate carbon emissions. We’ve already taken a big step with hybrid models, but electric motors are even better. Tesla proves that electric vehicles (EVs) are capable of replacing conventional types and carmakers are following suit. Last year, Volkswagen gave us a preview of its future EV lineup. Now, it seems that they’re adding another with the VW I.D. BUGGY.

The latest addition to Volkswagen’s I.D. series makes its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Just like the previous two, it sports an eye-catching coat of paint. The Buzz and the Buzz Cargo are flaunting bright yellow and blue colors respectively. Meanwhile, the BUGGY is flaunting a body that mostly neon green. They’re calling it Fern Green with a mix of Grey Tech Blue. It’s apparently using the same modular electric drive matrix platform as its two siblings. Nostalgic consumers will find it a wonderful homage to original dune buggies from the sixties.

This concept ride uses a rear-wheel drive configuration and promises a mileage of up to 155 miles. A floor-mounted 62 kWh lithium-ion battery supplies all the power it needs. Another interesting feature is the removable upper body, which opens it up for a lot of customization options. Just like its original source of inspiration, the VW I.D. BUGGY is devoid of windows or a roof, save for black tarp for cover. Each 18-inch wheel sports BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A off-road rubbers, that’s ready to handle various surfaces. We really hope that this fun and awesome ride does not stay in concept limbo.

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Images courtesy of Volkswagen