The Vortix Melo Muscle Massager offers you tension relief and so much more for a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. It is a great option to have amid this pandemic so you don’t have to visit the spa for a massage. It is on hand when you need it the most.

This handheld portable massager is unlike any of its kind found in the market because of its special features. It not only works out knots and eases away tension in your muscles. It also increases blood flow for better body movement and overall physical health.

The Vortix Melo Muscle Massager gives you quick relief from muscle pains, stiffness, fatigue, and spasms. It does so by increasing lymphatic flow and reducing lactic acid buildup. It uses scientifically-proven vibration frequency and amplitude to target tension spots. This results in a shorter muscle recovery time so you can get back to your active lifestyle in no time.

This massage gun features six adjustable speeds with combined frequency, amplitude, and torque for a relaxing experience. It also comes with six massage tips that let you target specific parts of your body. So you can pinpoint every muscle, scar tissue, and put the pressure on any parts of your body be it on your back, neck, foot, leg, arm, hip, thigh, and more.

Best of all, the Vortix Melo Muscle Massager emits a low noise at just 50dB even on the highest intensity. It also runs for three hours on a single 3-hour charge. It is compact at 7″ long and wide, features an LCD touch screen, and weights at 1.25 pounds.

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Vortix Melo Massager Vortix Melo Massager Vortix Melo Massager

Images courtesy of Vortix