For the wealthy hipsters out there, there’s really not much of a variety when it comes to expensive rides. As most of the elite probably already own yachts, private jets, and exotic cars, you should go for something extraordinarily awesome. Perhaps the Arosa from VonMercier is exactly what the situation calls for to impress your peers.

Why limit mobility to dry land when you can also take to the waters in the same machine? Despite how crazy that sounds, the Arosa boasts amphibious capabilities. Furthermore, it runs on an emission-free system. VonMercier is certainly going beyond all expectations with this sporty and luxurious hovercraft.

Without any prior knowledge of what the Arosa is all about, it’s easy to mistake it for a three-wheel roaster. In fact, it somehow resembles most of the many models from Vanderhall Motor Works’ lineup. We also think it has the appearance of a supercar with missing rear wheels.

By the way, the two on the front may look like fancy black rims, but they’re not. It seems what we thought was a trio of twin-spokes are actually turbine blades. You’ll then notice that it goes for a tandem seating configuration with thick side decks.

It will remain operational for approximately 90 minutes or travel close to 45 miles before its batteries need a recharge. VonMercier equips the hovercraft with a carbon fiber body and hull. The Arosa uses an in-house directional control system. It can hover up to 8 inches and support a payload of 400 lbs.

Its electric powertrain outputs 118 horsepower with a top speed of a little over 50 mph. Upon order, Clients can customize their Arosa. There are bespoke options for the GPS system, audio, interior upholstery, exterior color, and accent materials.

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Arosa Front Arosa Side Arosa Rear Arosa Turbine Arosa On Grass Arosa Steering

Images courtesy of VonMercier