When you want the best safety features in a luxe package for your next car, Volvo has been and always remains the top choice worldwide. For the discerning consumer who craves understated luxury, the 2022 S60 Black Edition has it. Don’t stay on the fence too long as this exclusive trim will be limited to a few examples only.

The renowned Swedish marque is marketing the 2022 S60 Black Edition to clients in the United States. Insiders share that the carmaker’s executives wasted no time approving this project shortly after it was proposed. More importantly, we just want to point out this option is purely for aesthetic purposes only.

Therefore, don’t expect the luxury sedan to receive a performance boost as well. Volvo likewise notes that interested buyers can get it on the standard S60 (mild hybrid) and S60 Recharge (plug-in hybrid). We all love choices, right? Hence, the Black Edition offers two colorways to suit your tastes.

First up is the Onyx Black Metallic, which lives up to the name with the blackout palette. When your preference demands stealthier shades, Volvo gladly obliges. The emblems, grille, window trims, wheel arches, 19-inch five-spoke rims, and other accents are now finished in black.

Basically, all the shiny metallic elements on the vehicle receive muted tones. As for the Crystal White Metallic, it goes for chromatic contrast with the body paint but leaves the rest in black. Volvo is yet to release the number of Black Edition S60s that will make it to production. Nevertheless, industry analysts believe it might be 450 units or less.

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Black Edition Front Black Edition Wheels Black Edition Tail Black Edition Rear

Images courtesy of Volvo