Creativity can strike when you least expect it. As such, designers and concept artists quickly put their ideas into writing or maybe illustrate them on a notebook or sketchpad. Since these sparks of inspiration can be fleeting at times, rendering software is often the best medium to express what products such as the Volvo Lifestyler trolley would look like.

Credit for this cool proposal goes to PDF Haus as the Swedish marque currently has no plans to venture into segments not related to automotive. However, if they ever do so in the future, perhaps their first attempt is to develop a smart office platform like the Lifestyler.

These days, most modern homes are already brimming with technology enabled by high-speed internet and wireless connectivity. Moreover, as most businesses now adopt work-from-home setups, there is a market for devices and furniture to boost productivity.

The Lifestyler touts a minimalist look to minimize unnecessary distractions. Its form factor is that of a typical trolley, but with cutting-edge functions and features. There’s even a leather handle with the Volvo branding and a padded fabric cover. Inside is a rotating mechanism to access various trays.

The top shows several storage sections, a display, a digital writing pad, and a control panel. Despite how it looks, this is not a motorized affair. Instead, it needs to be pushed or pulled around. There is a flap at the bottom which opens to reveal a cable management system for the power cord and plug.

You can also find drawers for your office supplies and more. The Lifestyler also comes with mood lighting, a clock/smart alarm, and speakers for music playback. Even if Volvo does not build one, we sure wish other manufacturers would offer something similar down the line.

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Images courtesy of PDF Haus