The automotive industry is noticeably making an effort to dial back on our carbon footprint. Research shows that the continuous increase of vehicle emissions is not doing our planet any favors. Therefore, experts urge manufacturers to eventually adopt electricity as a renewable solution for the future. Tesla remains the undisputed pioneer of consumer electric vehicles. However, with the Volvo 360c for example, traditional carmakers are catching on to the trend.

While other labels focus on details such as speed, performance, and mileage, another European marque has its sights on a driverless future. The Volvo 360c concept is another step toward autonomous driving technology that might see implementation soon. Right from the start, you can observe that this car features an unconventional appearance. Moreover, the interior is surprisingly spacious. It even looks like a lavish cabin that you would find in one of those fancy trains.

Roughly the size of the company’s XC90 SUV, this ground-breaking concept a sleek and futuristic body adorned with LEDs and stylish glass panels. Owners can customize the interior depending on their needs. Multiple configurations can be ordered with corresponding functions: a mobile office, a living space, an entertainment room, and a sleeping module.

Volvo’s vision for the future is to increase our productivity since we no longer need to personally drive our cars to where we’re going. You now have more free time to do whatever you want on the 360c autonomous electric vehicle.

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Photos courtesy of Volvo