Built-in Powerbank. Distance Alarm. Global GPS Tracking. Worldwide WiFi Hotspot. Anti-Thief Camera. All packed inside an elegant, classic leather wallet.

Available as a bifold, travel folder or cardholder, the smart wallet includes a slim, lightweight battery with a capacity between 2,000 to 5,000 mAh, depending on the model. This means you can fully charge–both wirelessly and via cable–an iPhone 7 at least once, while a second phone can get juiced up at the same time.

A Bluetooth alarm notifies you every time you leave your wallet behind, a Wi-Fi Hotspot ensures you have internet cover wherever you travel (the internet cost with Volterman is up to 3 times cheaper than regular roaming charges), while a Global GPS system lets you track your wallet in real-time.

Aditionally, once your wallet is in lost mode, a tiny, built-in, hidden camera takes pictures of anyone who opens it and sends you the pics. Check out the cheesy video above to see the Volterman wallet in action.

What is the price of Volterman Smart Wallet?

The cost of Volterman Smart Wallet is not yet official other than the prices we see on Indiegogo campaign. The prices on Indiegogo are as follows:

Volterman Bifold Wallet: $169

Volterman Wireless Charger: $39

Volterman Trackable Passport Cover: $49

Volterman Card Holder: $115

Volterman Travel Wallet: $179

+Engraving Initials: $19

*Prices above are taken directly from Indiegogo campaign and therefore the official prices when the product is released may differ.

When will my order be shipped?

Indiegogo campaign currently shows a shipping date of September 2019!

Is Volterman Smart Wallet available on Amazon?

No, its not currently available on Amazon.

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