Ever since man achieved quality electronics, he has housed them in fine furniture. From antique radio cabinets to console televisions, men have demonstrated the importance they place on equipment by presenting them in fine wooden containers – until the computer age.

Promoting a sustainable and extended life through modular design and regular upgrades, Volta has gone one better and elevated the desktop computer to that same level of electronics respect. The Volta V Computer ($2,000+) consists of locally sourced American hardwoods before being hand-assembled. The elegantly simple case is only 5.5 inches tall but is intended to double as a monitor stand. The keyboard slides neatly under the case below. For a machine made to last years, the unique dust filtration system prevents accumulation inside the case.

Celebrating the long traditions of fine wood and our electronic devices, Volta V lends any office or home a touch of class that plastic cases can never aspire to.