As an experimental adventure brand, Vollebak strives to challenge athletes in new and sometimes unimaginable ways. One of those unimaginable ways is their new solar charged jacket that can not only protect you from the elements but glows green in the dark to keep you visible.

At the heart of the Vollebak Solar Charged Jackeet ($350) is a phosphorescent compound on the inner layer that stores light and then re-emits it when it gets dark. Since the phosphorescence is engineered into the membrane itself, it cannot be washed out or worn away. This light absorbing and emitting material is sandwiched between ultra-thin translucent mesh that repels rain but still breathes well.

As with any phosphorescent product, the intensity of the absorbed light directly affects the longevity of the returned glow. Sunlight is best and a two-hour full-sun charge can keep the jacket glowing for 12 hours. As a jacket, it has elasticized drawstrings on the hood and waistband, underarm welded eyelet ventilation, waterproof front zipper with storm guard, laser-cut cuffs and a waterproof zippered pocket for your phone, keys, or wallet. See how it works in the video below.