Vollebak brought us the solar charged jacket in 2017 and using the same concept, designed the Solar Charged Hat. As with the jacket, the headwear also glows in the dark for visibility.

The hat uses a phosphorescent compound that lights up when hit by light. It is constructed with a highly-responsive phosphorescent membrane that can instantly charged and made to glow in the dark by any light source. Literally, anything that lights up that be an iPhone torch, a flashlight, or a lightbulb.

Even when you’re wearing it under the sun, the Vollebak Solar Charged Hat glows like kryptonite in the dark. That’s because the fabric absorbs the light to make it radiate. As with any gear from Vollebak, this one is also designed to withstand mother nature’s brunt. It’s built for the coldest, darkest places on Earth thanks to its three-layered construction.

The first two layers are made from 100% polyamide mesh with polyurethane membrane, making the hat highly wind and water resistant. The third layer offers strength as it’s built from the same Nylon ripstop found in parachutes which boasts incredible strength to weight ratio.

Moreover, the Vollebak Solar Charged Hat is engineered to keep you warm in extreme cold temperatures with an insulation made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The interior also has an ultra-soft brushed fleece lining made in Italy from 100% polyester. Meanwhile, adjustable storm flaps come reinforced with high-strength Cordura panels. A chin fastener with metal snap buttons and three tightness settings lets you find your desired comfortable fit.  The rear features an elasticated cord adjuster while the peak with a metal snap fastener. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak