Designed in collaboration with world record-holding adventurer and former elite military operative (and overall badass) Aldo Kane, Vollebak’s Planet Earth Shirt is the most advanced technical shirt out there.

The shirt is based on the concept of being ever-ready and being able to wear the perfect piece of clothing for whatever life throws at you. In other words, it’s built tough – with high-performance materials that stretch and breathe like sports gear but are also antimicrobial, water repellent, dirt & bacteria resistant, and fast drying. Jungle adventurers will be happy know that the collar on this piece of attire is anti-mosquito and can be worn in 4 different configurations, including turned up high and fastened tight.

Other noteworthy details of the Planet Earth Shirt include two-piece sleeves engineered for movement, 7 concealed air vents that work like in-built air-con for the desert, a hidden passport pocket, 8 gadget loops, stitching reinforced with welding, and shatterproof buttons made from the world’s toughest nuts (not Chuck Norris’ nuts, but corozo nuts). So, if you’re looking for a shirt that’ll take you from the office to the mountains to the jungle, and anywhere in between, this is it.

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Image credit: Vollebak/Sun Lee