Vollebak has no shortage of ideas when it comes to designing out-of-this-world clothing pieces (like last year’s indestructible pants and belt). This time, the team has released a jacket that can easily take you from the boardroom to the airport with the stylish Vollebak Future Suit Jacket.

It’s a suit but not your typical-looking formal wear suit, although it undoubtedly looks good when paired with a pair of dress shoes or dress pants. What sets it apart is its designed not just for the corporate environment but for the outdoors as well. As the team described it, it is a “futureproof, weatherproof suit jacket designed for dream hijacking or boardrooms.”

The Vollebak Future Suit Jacket uses strong, tightly woven fabrics that make it highly windproof and water-resistant. It is made from a new type of high-tech Merino wool (70%) along with 20% polyester and 10% polyamide. The wool is engineered using Optim spinning tech that pre-stretches the fiber before it’s spun into a yarn and woven into fabric. The fiber also undergoes a wet-finishing process to make it contract and tighten the weave structure. 

The outcome is a super-dense and tightly woven fabric that is 5x more wind resistant than normal Merino. It can last half an hour in the rain before it gets damp. This type of Merino wool is also completely smooth with a silk-like feel while retaining all the high-performance qualities of Merino: breathable, anti-bacterial, UV resistant, water resistant, and regulates the temperature. 

The Vollebak Future Suit Jacket is then lined with a lightweight breathable mesh to keep you comfortable in the heat. Its design is based off on the original blouson jackets with an adjustable elasticated drawstring at the waist with a rubber stopper and the sleeves have elasticated cuffs too to keep the weather out. Storage wise, it has two bellows pockets at the hip equipped with hidden, water resistant zippers. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak