Vollebak is no stranger to fashion-forward designs with their outdoor apparel. Their latest release is a jacket that takes inspiration from fireflies and their ability to glow at night. As such, the London-based outerwear brand named it the Firefly Jacket.

Similar to the Solar Charged Hat, this jacket glows in the dark thanks to a couple of special layers. It is constructed from a single fabric made from 5 ultra-thin, alternating layers. Layers one, three, and five or the outer, middle, and inner layer, are a translucent, polyamide mesh. Meanwhile, layers two and four have color shifting membranes. 

The Firefly Jacket has one layer infused with phosphorescent compound and the other built with fluorescent compound.  The phosphorescent membrane allows the jacket to glow in the dark at night, while the fluorescent membrane reacts to both visible and invisible light, making the jacket change color during the day and night. It can go from copper to orange, or glow-in-the-dark green to a trippy yellow when under UV light.

More than a color-shifting jacket, Vollebak also designed it to be tough and ready for outdoor adventures in any weather condition.  It’s a high-performance layer that’s waterproof and windproof with a fully-sealed seam and waterproof zippers. It features Velcro straps on both the cuffs so you can tighten them and keep water at bay in heavy rain.

The Firefly Jacket also has a couple of elasticated drawcords with rubber stoppers, one at the waist and the other in the hood, and both can be sealed closed at high speed. For storage, Vollebak added two large waterproof side pockets with storm flaps that curve down at the bottom so rain water can just roll straight off. Meanwhile, articulated sleeves allow for enhanced mobility and the zipper pulls click into place to prevent the front zip closure from sliding down. 

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Images courtesy of Vollebak