Vollebak’s Equator Pants are designed to keep you comfortable even in extreme hot environments. They’re made light and breathable using super soft Italian mesh and an advanced ventilation system featuring 332 laser-cut vents. 

This stylish apparel offers more than its minimalist and sleek look. They are integrated with advanced features designed to make journeys in the hottest and most humid places bearable and even enjoyable. These pants survived California’s Death Valley, the Australian Outback, and even the deserts of Oman.

For starters, Vollebak used high-performance Karnak Menoufi for the fabric. It’s a rare, silk-like yet robust cotton from the Nile Delta that makes the Equator Pants smooth, soft, and lightweight at just 350 grams. Then the material is enhanced for durability and stretch by combing it with elastane and ultrafine nylon. 

Even in the hottest of environments, these pants keep you cool thanks to its breathable and moisture-wicking membrane.  The fabric releases sweat fast, dries fast too, and features an advanced ventilation system that functions like an air-conditioner. The pockets come with laser-cut and bonded panels with rows of perforated vents. There are 74 vents in each panel that allow air to flow through the pants by simply opening the pockets.

There are two side pockets with angled lockable zippers that fasten in position and a couple of back pockets that open and close via concealed lockable zippers. Aside from the pockets, there are four more vents behind the knees that are securely fixed with bartacks. Vollebak’s Equator Pants come in a regular fit and fastens securely around the waist with a zipper and two bio resin buttons.

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Images courtesy of Vollebak