Admit it! We guys just can’t resist playing bumper cars with office chairs. Although the wheels are there for another reason, leave it to us to find innovative and crazy ways to put them to good use. Meanwhile, the folks from Volkswagen Norway are taking it even further by putting a whimsical spin on things.

This is by no means planned for retail at the moment. However. If the demand for this quirky unique platform is high enough the company might reconsider. For now, we can at least check out what the motorized furniture offers when it comes to workplace hijinks. At first glance, it looks nothing out of the ordinary.

With Volkswagen already investing resources in developing modular all-electric architectures, this is shaping up as purely an exhibition project. The team are fitting an electric motor on a plush office armchair. The outline of its backrest gives off an automotive vibe along with the integrated seatbelt. Even if it’s only for shenanigans, safety always comes first!

There are five wheels to keep it stable. Three of them are on the small side while two larger ones provide propulsion. It flaunts an entertainment system, LED headlamps under the arms, and an array of sensors to detect potential collisions. Volkswagen even adds reverse cameras just like on modern vehicles.

The battery promises a range of up to 7.5 miles on a single charge. The top speed should be a little over 12 mph. Standing up and stretching are optional on this bad boy as Volkswagen ensures versatile mobility aboard their office chair concept. There is even a storage space on the rear to hold documents and more.

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Images courtesy of Volkswagen Norway