What exactly are we looking at here? Is it a VW, or a Porsche? Who in their right mind would blend iconic features from both models into a something outrageous? Well, it seems Khyzyl Saleem is struck by his bespoke brand of inspiration once again. He comes up with this odd, yet fascinating concept dubbed the Volkswagen Beetle GT3.

As you all know, the artist’s ongoing collaboration with Hagerty for a YouTube special called “Rendered” gives us a peek into his creative process. This behind-the-scenes insight shares how he uses the cutting-edge software to turn ideas like this Volkswagen Beetle GT3 into lifelike images.

Saleem’s remarkable talent fuses aesthetic elements from two iconic vehicles seamlessly. Stare at the Volkswagen Beetle GT3 closely and you’ll make out which sections belong to what car. The resulting silhouette is distinctly familiar yet somewhat unique, in a sense.

There is likewise a tinge of nostalgia here since VW already retired the quirky platform a few years back. If not for the curvature of the hood and outline of the roof, this can easily pass for a custom Porsche sports car. This sleek two-seater has a low stance with flared out fenders and a rear wing.

It appears ready to hit the tracks as well given the configuration. In his Instagram post, Saleem writes: “It’s quite a fun process, for me anyway, the back and forths trying to figure out how and where I want shapes to protrude and not. Super happy with the outcome! Worked quite well together!” We agree with his statement as the Volkswagen Beetle GT3 concept looks awesome!

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Images courtesy of Khyzyl Saleem