Volcan Creative’s Energon 300 packs a punch despite its compact size. As its name entails, it offers 300W of juice which is more than enough to power your phone, laptop, and even a gaming console. It even restores power in 20 milliseconds during a brownout so you get a continuous power supply.

You can easily lift this power station in one hand as it only weighs 3.6kg. It is also 35% smaller than other products of the same capacity at 242mm L x 180.4mm H x 102.95mm W with the carrying handle adding more travel convenience. It also comes in a sleek and strikingly futuristic stylish diamond-cutting design.

The Energon 300 runs on LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery chemistry which provides over 3,000 cycles and has an advanced BMS safety protection system to ensure your gadgets are charged safely. The system detects voltage, current, temperature, and circuit changes to keep the power station working seamlessly. It also operates quietly at 45db when used under a room temperature setting. 

This power station can charge seven devices simultaneously so you can forget about bringing separate power banks on the go. It can charge a Nintendo Switch five times, a 12.4wh phone 23 times, a 56wh laptop five times, and a 40wh mini projector for five hours. This device can even power a ventilator at 60W for five hours. 

The Energon 300 can also withstand the elements with its fire-retardant and shock-resistant shell that’s built to UL 94V-0 standard. As an added perk, it also offers SOS flash mode, general lighting, and strong light. Recharging is fast at 1.8 hours through different means either an AC outlet, car socket, or even solar panels. 

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Images courtesy of Volcan Creative INC