It’s barely a day since we showcased a special auction for Buffalo Trace Distillery’s O.F.C. Vintage 1982 bourbon. Limited to 5 only, the exclusive blend was presented in 6-liter hand-cut crystal bottles. To our surprise and delight, Vodka Cruiser is celebrating 21 years and fans should too. The company is releasing the 3.1L Cruiser Magnum.

Most of you are most likely whiskey, wine, and beer aficionados. However, we also acknowledge that some of our readers have a broader taste in their booze. There are those who are already feeling thirsty after seeing this post. However, the Cruiser Magnums are not heading to your favorite shop anytime soon.

Instead, the company will be holding a raffle on their Facebook page. Before you head on over there like a madman, take note that this is exclusively for our pals in The Land Down Under. For those eligible, the mechanics only require you to share your favorite Vodka Cruiser flavor on their social media platform.

All entries should be submitted before April 7, 2022, to qualify. As noted earlier, the Cruiser Magnums will be served in 3.1-liter bottles. Size-wise, these are close to that of some champagne bottles. From a design perspective, they look like scaled-up versions of a regular Vodka Cruiser bottle. Even the cork’s shape is like that of a bottle cap.

These will be available in Juicy Watermelon, Lush Guava, and Wild Raspberry flavors. Winners of the Cruiser Magnum giveaway have a two-hour window to enjoy their drinks in several venues. There’s the Marlborough Hotel in Sydney, Billboard The Venue in Melbourne, The Highway or The Jetty Bar in South Australia, and Gilligans in Cairns.

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Cruiser Magnum Pour

Images courtesy of Vodka Cruiser