Avid campers and outdoorsmen say that they choose to hit the trails to get away from the city. Being off-grid has been shown to help people relax and reconnect with nature, which can be therapeutic. Just in case you need to keep your gadgets juiced up in case of an emergency, the Genstove is a cool piece of equipment to have in your backpack.

In normal circumstance, as long as you have the gear to sustain your stay in the wild without the creature comforts of home, everything should be good. But situations could crop up that would require the use of telecommunications and other electronic functions to survive.

Power banks and solar chargers are great, but you might as well augment it with the Genstove. No need to ditch your portable wind turbine or solar panels. Instead, when you are cooking or heating something, we might as well harvest that energy.

That’s exactly what the Gentstove brings to the table. Light it up using butane/propane canisters and the top end functions as your cooktop. Meanwhile, the thermal generator unit sits just under the gas stove section.

A water basket surrounds it to prevent overheating, while it supplies power to an included charging pack. The Genstove really seems like an all-in-one camping gear that should be in everyone’s stash.

Viva Plus, the company behind this product, even throws in a mini light box to illuminate the Genstove at night. When the fuel runs out, users can dip it in cold water to allow the thermal generator to produce just enough voltage to keep the lights on.

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Images courtesy of Viva Plus