With a name like Pyro, it suggests the company really knows their way around flames. Check out their Camp Fire and you’ll understand why they’re one of the best out there. Also,the engineering that went into this simple yet functional piece of equipment should make any camper happy.

What you get is a lightweight yet robust fire pit. The assembly measures 18 inches long, 14 inches wide, 19 inches tall, and weighs about 14.5 lbs. Portals on each end are big enough to accommodate 16-inch firewood or any other type of fuel that you have on hand.

Any experienced outdoorsman will tell you that the key to a good and clean flame is proper ventilation. With adequate airflow, you can enjoy higher temperatures to quickly heat water or cook your meals. To achieve this efficiently, Pyro is using perforated 304 stainless-steel mesh to wrap around the frame.

Furthermore, the material is resistant to corrosion which is what you want when it comes to camping. The octagonal shape of the Camp Fire makes keeps it stable even with a heavy pot, pan, or griddle on top. We recommend that you might as well plunk down some cash for the optional grill kit or grab it as a bundle.

If you went with the latter, extras such as the griddle/grill combination cooktop, tool set, seasoning oil, cutting board, and a handy storage bag are included. Pyro sources all of the material for the construction of the Camp Fire from American suppliers. Cleanup should be easy as the top fire screen and ash catcher base are both removable.

Buy – $249

Images courtesy of Pyro