As most companies continue to use video conferencing to conduct meetings and more, tech groups also come up with innovative gadgets to help streamline the process. So far, we’ve seen webcams that can track subjects automatically, optimize audio, and so much more. However, the Viu addresses another issue that many might have overlooked.

Modern webcams are intended to capture people’s faces. Thus, the field of view and zoom level is specific for this purpose. Hence, unless you have a high-end setup that supports various capture modes, printed or written documents likely end up barely legible.

With a bit of DIY know-how, we can hook up a high-resolution camera to face straight down. Adjust the height and tweak its focus just a little bit to clearly display whatever is directly below. Meanwhile, Alex D’Souza hopes to change that with the Viu

This cool concept, on the other hand, simplifies the process. Aesthetically, this document camera boasts a compact physical footprint. Instead of a movable arm or hinge, the Viu touts a sensor that’s fixed at a specific angle.

Users can position it on any flat surface just a short distance away from their notebook or sketch pad. You just need to write or draw normally and let the hardware and advanced algorithms handle the rest. Its features make it a convenient accessory for teachers and instructors to have handy.

No need to turn your work to face the camera as the software adjusts everything to appear in the proper orientation in real-time. The minimalist and retro design of the Viu further adds to its appeal. The renders show a single USB-C port at the base with two buttons all positioned at the rear of the stand.

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Images courtesy of Alex D’Souza