The need to stay in shape amid these challenging few years since the outbreak has never been more crucial. Collective studies have shown the aside from vaccinations, a robust immune system can help in the fight against COVID-19. Aside from nutrition and supplements, regular exercise has been shown to boost our immunity alongside other health benefits. Given that we spend most of our time at home these days, cutting-edge technology like the one on the Vitruvian Trainer+ is here to help.

About a year ago we showcased the first-generation model from the company – the V-Form Trainer. We found it intuitive and very convenient to use thanks to its exceptional build quality and compact form factor. If you are one of the proud owners of the original machine, then you’ll love what the newest version brings to the table. The Trainer+ introduces upgrades that allow users to push themselves even further than before. So, let’s check out what this bad boy has to offer!

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What Is The Vitruvian Trainer+?

To put it simply, this is an advanced fitness package that includes all the essentials. Everybody knows that we can get the most out of our workouts with the assistance of a professional trainer. Therefore, Vitruvian aims to deliver the ultimate combo that will motivate us to break beyond our limits and feel good once we get results.

It helps you to build strength and lose pounds via resistance training. For those wondering, this is a form of exercise wherein body weight or free weights are used to target specific muscle groups. The Vitruvian Trainer+ is an all-in-one package that improves upon its predecessor but retains the versatility and performance one can expect from a product of its caliber.

It ships with all the necessary items to get you started right away. What the Trainer+ does is replace your dumbbells, barbells, and other types of free weights. Instead, it uses powerful motors to quickly generate the amount of resistance according to the user’s capabilities. Use the available Vitruvian app to learn how to perform the range of movements for specific exercises.

Design And Technical Specifications

Design-wise, the Vitruvian Trainer+ looks like a step platform people normally use in aerobics classes. Although you can technically use it as such, there’s more to it than meets the eye. You see, on each side of the unit, you’ll find two cables that feed into the body.

It boasts a sleek and stealthy profile thanks to the curved edges and the carbon fiber shell. The material is an ideal choice for its durability. Meanwhile, the frame is built out of extruded aluminum which is notable for its resistance to corrosion.

The combination of the two means the Trainer+ remains lightweight yet tough enough even for the most intense sessions. The freestanding resistance training machine measures 46.1” x 20.5” x 4.53” and weighs about 80 lbs.

To make it easier to transport, there are a pair of wheels on one end and a handle on the other. An LED light strip gives you a visual cue on the current operation status. Just below that is a stylized text that reads “Vitruvian” which is an awesome minimalist approach to branding.

Quick Connection System And Accessories

Another big change from the V-Form Trainer is the accessory attachment system. Gone are the carabiners and in their place is a magnetic two-stage locking system. This makes it easier to remove and replace accessories with one hand.

To get the most out of the Trainer+, we recommend you grab the optional add-ons. The machine ships with the basic pair of handles and ankle straps. Hence, the best value would be the Pro Accessory Kit which includes premium handles, a tricep rope, a bar, a workout mat, a belt, and a bench.

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Vitruvian App And Subscription

Earlier we pointed out that the Trainer+ is a connected system that uses a companion app to keep track of your workouts and performance. You can download it for Apple’s software ecosystem via the App Store or The Google Play app market for Android users.

It is free, but some of the most exciting features can only be unlocked by the optional paid subscription. Only a single membership is needed for each machine and owners can add an unlimited number of users with their own profiles. Everyone will have access to world-class trainers and new classes added each week.

Moreover, you can create custom workouts, access in-depth tutorials, goal-oriented programs, keep track of your performance and other relevant statistics. Vitruvian has more cool stuff currently in development that would eventually support team workouts and even provide a connected game-like experience.

Should I Get The Vitruvian Trainer+?

Before we answer that, you should know that there’s nothing quite like it in the market right now. Building upon the successful formula of its V-Form Trainer, Vitruvian is offering a world-class machine perfect for any home or office. Exceptional engineering makes it practically silent while in use. The new motors feel smoother when you pull the cables and can generate resistance up to 440 lbs.

The best part of it all is how the Trainer+ dynamically adapts to the user’s range of motion, speed, and strength. Just like a buddy who can spot you when needed, the algorithm controls exactly when to increase or decrease resistance. This simulates actual weight training, but even better. Gym rats and newbies will feel right at home here as the Vitruvian app becomes your virtual guide to a healthy body.

So, there you have it! We can’t find any downsides to the Trainer+. It’s clear that Vitruvian understands what fitness fanatics want and knows how to help first-timers find their footing. If you are shopping for exercise equipment this holiday season, gift yourself this intuitive product and jumpstart your path to wellness.

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