Ask anyone about their preferred type of wardrobe and close to 99% will opt for something casual. The remaining 1% are outliers who intentionally dress up formally or semi-formally to look and feel good. Let’s face it, every guy needs to have at least a dozen of these as recommended by fashion experts. Comfort is an essential feature, which is why we believe performance dress shirts and suits — like those supplied by State & Liberty — are some of the best options out there!

It’s All About The Fabric

For the longest time, ready-to-wear or even made-to-measure formal clothing rely on textiles such as cotton, tweed, poplin, and linen. Each touts attributes ideal for specific seasons or as a personal preference of the wearer. Unfortunately, most people share the same sentiment wherein they feel outfits like these tend to be constrictive and find them unbearable when worn for extended periods. 

Consider ourselves lucky that advancements in materials and manufacturing allow brands like State & Liberty to develop a “proprietary fabric blend” which changes the game. The aforementioned issues the majority of us have with dress shirts and suits, in general, are all addressed by innovation without compromising style.

Modern Technology For Modern Gentlemen

Moisture-wicking, wrinkle resistance, breathable, and stretchable properties all benefit the user. Furthermore, the overwhelmingly positive reviews from both professional athletes and average consumers are an indicator that the company nailed down the perfect formula for the entire catalog. With this in mind, guys can finally flaunt the dapper look they’ve always wanted.

Experience the free range of movement promised by State & Liberty across its lineup of products. We likewise learned of the label’s core mission to provide fashionable performance dress shirts and performance suits geared for those with athletic body types in general. Of course, this does not mean the rest should miss out.

At the end of the day, whatever we wear goes into the laundry basket. Unlike regular premium textiles which require dry cleaning or gentle washing methods, State & Liberty ensures their outfits are machine washable for convenience and savings. Next is to throw them into the dryer, wait for the cycle to end, and these bad boys are good to go all over again.

Tailor-Made Just For You

Not everyone is blessed with a chiseled physique. As such, ready-to-wear options often end up with sections that are either too loose or too tight. Unfortunately, this is a scenario most of us face when we shop for a classy new attire. Even when you pick an ensemble from the world’s top designer labels, it cannot match the elegance of a made-to-measure outfit.

Once again, State & Liberty outclasses the competition with its comprehensive customization service. Get in touch with their specialist to craft bespoke performance dress shirts and suits appropriate for any affair. If you finally popped the question, they are more than happy to take care of you and your wedding party, as they offer group and wedding orders.

Our Takeaway

As much as guys like to stick with their casual wardrobe, professional etiquette requires more than just T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Thankfully, the unique selling points presented by State & Liberty are exactly what we are after. 

Apart from the wide selection of performance dress shirts and suits, the shop likewise sells dress pants, tech chinos, shorts, overcoats, puffer vests, quarter zips, and hoodies, among others. Comfort comes first, closely followed by quality, and then variety. 

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