In the early days of science fiction, writers tinkered around with the idea of holograms. Being able to project three-dimensional images anywhere sounds so cool, but unfortunately, there are still limitations. As technology progresses, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes reality. Meanwhile, one company explores what’s currently possible with the Holobox.

Holographic platforms for communication, gaming, advertising, socializing and more are every geek’s dream. As unbelievable as it sounds, there are products commercially available which are capable of the functions in question. We have featured several before, but Holoconnects’ new model is by far the largest in the market.

You’ve probably seen those massive digital billboards which generate captivating 3D images, right? These are reportedly expensive to build and maintain. The Holobox, on the other hand, is designed to be an interactive system with a wide range of applications. 

The 86″ transparent display is covered in anti-glare glass to minimize reflections and enhance its visuals, while semi-concealed front-facing 80W Hi-Fi speakers add to the immersive experience. It uses advanced infrared technology to detect up to 20 points of touch. Physical ports include 2x HDMI, USB, 6.3 mm jack, LAN, and more.

Its housing measures 81″ high and 55″ wide, but weighs a hefty 550 lbs. Nevertheless, Holoconnects, claims it is easy to transport with the right equipment. All it needs is a power outlet and a high-speed internet connection to access its features.

Although not detailed, a special camera configuration is likely needed to project the 3D image or video of your choice. In some press images, we can see multiple Holobox units arranged to display an even bigger hologram. Holoconnects has already delivered several orders and also has a smaller version called the Holobox Mini.

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Images courtesy of Holoconnects