Dubbed the “safest cycling helmet,” the Virgo e-Bike Helmet offers an optimal balance of safety and performance in a lightweight and comfortable design. Designed for e-bikes, scooters, and powered vehicles, it provides full face and head protection when you reach high speeds in the urban jungle with its host of modern features.

This headgear created by French startup The Team, stands out from traditional bike helmets because of the safety technology integrated within the polycarbonate shell, which is equipped with a foam liner. The shell features multi-impact protection zones in the areas that are most likely to hit in a fall.

The Virgo e-Bike Helmet is equipped with a Mips system, which consists of a low friction layer that is mounted inside the helmet. This reduces the rotational motion of certain impacts that could otherwise transfer to the head. In a crash, this layer moves slightly inside the helmet to redirect forces away from the head, thus reducing the risk of brain injury.

Moreover, the Virgo e-Bike Helmet provides comfort during rides. It has eight aerations integrated into the shell for ventilation. It is also significantly lighter compared to a regular integral helmet used for MTB rides at just 650 grams. It also distinguishes itself through an integrated chin guard, a rotatable switchable front visor, and a detachable magnetic rear LED light for visibility in the dark.

Conveniently, the tail light also doubles as a brake light that utilizes an integrated accelerometer to detect sudden speed reductions. The Virgo e-Bike Helmet also offers good frontal and peripheral visibility and is available in four colorways: Warm Sand, Carbon Black, Pure White, and Midnight Blue.

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Images courtesy of The Beam