Architecture studio Hahn Lavsen and interior design studio Vipp teamed up to complete the Vipp Cold Hawaii, a guesthouse located in the wild dunes of Denmark’s Thy National Park, specifically in what local surfers call as “Cold Hawaii.” The newly-renovated guesthouse is minimalist luxury personified. 

It sits on its lonesome on 2.4 acres of land in the tiny town of Vangså, resembling a classic fisherman’s hut when viewed from a distance. But in actuality, the guesthouse boasts 1,650 square feet of living space formed into a simple geometric structure using limited material palette for elegance and durability.

It features repeating silhouettes that reveal a stunning structure that blends seamlessly into the landscape. The Vipp Cold Hawaii is striking in its simplicity. It uses aerated concrete, wood, stainless steel, glass, and brick to create a dialogue between modern minimalism and traditional vernacular architecture. 

Meanwhile, rough white-washed walls, untreated Douglas fir roof, and natural linseed oil-treated wooden ceiling pay homage to the surrounding elements. Same as the exposed brick floors, laid in sand instead of mortar, mirror the sandy beaches. The classic oak stable doors also hark back to the area’s agricultural past and the strategically placed glazing connects the interiors to the vast landscape.

Vipp Cold Hawaii consists of two stories with three double bedrooms, two of which include an integrated spe­cial-made bunk bed for extra sleeping space. It has a combined living and kitchen area. The metal kitchen serves as the anchor point in the main space and it unfolds in a large island of six units. The guesthouse is a tranquil and comfortable place, a surfer’s paradise where you wake up to the sound of the rolling waves. 

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Images courtesy of Vipp