Keep your multi-tools organized and protected when on the go with the Viperade PJ16 EDC Leather Sheath. This tool pouch is crafted from 100% Crazy horse leather, which is the highest-quality natural leather in the world.

It is smooth, soft, durable, and doesn’t emit any odor. The more this leather is used, the newer it looks. Shallow scratches can easily be repaired by simply rubbing them with your hands. This sheath boasts ultra-high toughness and tightly wraps around your everyday carry tools to ensure you don’t lose them.

The Viperade PJ16 EDC Leather Sheath is your on-the-go tool carrier as it features a double belt loop style to fit a belt width of less than 1.77″. It even comes with a 360°rotatory vintage brass keychain to hold your most-used keys from any angle. Then there’s an expanded flashlight holster that can fit flashlights with a diameter of less than 1.2″ (it can hold the compact Olight Warrior Mini 2). 

Meanwhile, the elastic band helps organize certain tools such as a tactical pen or screwdriver or any tool less than 0.7″ in diameter. Moreover, this pouch has a knife sheath, a couple of pockets, and two pen holders. It organizes your tools in a compact, open form design for quick access on the go.  

The Viperade PJ16 EDC Leather Sheath can fit multi-tools with a width less than 2.22″. It also doesn’t feel cumbersome when strapped to the belt despite it measuring 5.4″ wide and 6.4″ long. Likewise, it holds its shape no matter the heft of your tools and doesn’t sag with age.

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Images courtesy of Viperade