It’s always a remarkable sight when architects choose to preserve the original landscape. Any professional can easily build a residential masterpiece on level ground. Meanwhile, those who work around the intrinsic beauty of the location are usually the most skillful. Just like what you can see here – the Villa La Grintosa – as it stands among boulders.

By design, the residence blends perfectly with its rocky surroundings and overlooks the sea. Unless the lights are on, you’ll find it difficult to spot. On the other hand, guests who visit can marvel at the cohesiveness of its theme. We have Stera Architectures to thank for this amazing structure in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

It was clear from the very start that the owners valued the natural formations of their land. Hence, demolishing anything is out of the question. Since they already have a solid foundation to begin with, the next step was how to optimize the space.

The Villa La Grintosa is an “architectural walk in harmony and continuity with nature where different universes meet and intersect,” says the Parisian architectural firm. From the central courtyard, the rest of the dwelling rises and wraps around it.

Depending on which half of the home you stand on, there are magnificent views of the sea or the mountains. Taking advantage of the breeze that blows through, the Villa La Grintosa hosts multiple open-air rooms.

Stairs and walkways purposely curve to meet the outline of massive stones that dot the area. Materials of choice here include granite, Azulejo ceramics, and concrete. The atmosphere, the fresh air, and the landscape all combine to imbue the Villa La Grintosa with a welcoming vibe.

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Images courtesy of Stera Architectures