Sweden is recognized the world over for a lot of things. There’s music, IKEA, sustainability, design, and architecture, among others. The country’s natural landscape affords remarkable views depending on where you are. For example, there’s the Villa Hovås — a modern dwelling situated on a slope with sweeping sea vistas.

Penned by Bornstein Lyckefors, we have a geometric plan with a unique façade. It is located in an upscale neighborhood in Gothenburg. The studio wants to take advantage of the property’s surroundings. Hence, they position its layout in an east-west orientation to frame the waters visible from the promontory.

One look and it already makes a striking impact courtesy of the black timer cladding. These wooden slats are in a vertical arrangement and wrap around the entirety of the Villa Hovås’ exterior. Full-height glass windows break the monotony of the dark geometric form and give onlookers a glimpse of the spaces within.

Unlike most homes that generally have their bedrooms on the upper floors, Bornstein Lyckefors assigns them on the ground floor of Villa Hovås. Here you’ll also find a living room with sliding glass portals. These open to a stone terrace with more seating and a pool.

Take the stairs up to access the dining area and kitchen, which overlooks the area below. Just like the outside, the Villa Hovås interiors draw you into its inviting interiors. The architectural firm uses timber – this time, in their natural shade – to line the ceilings and floors.

Wooden furniture further adds to the warm motif. Curtains are available to cover the glazing when you want some privacy and provide shade from the sun. The Villa Hovås expands Bornstein Lyckefors’ portfolio of minimalist yet stunning residences.

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Images courtesy of Erik Lefvander